• Getting Ready for the Grand Finale

Getting Ready for the Grand Finale

This Saturday will take place the most important race of the International Derby FCI Costa del Sol: the Grand Finale. The third great race of this OLR that will mark the so desired finale and will indicate to us which are the strongest and more resistant pigeons between more than 20 different countries.

Until the race of Albox, the pigeons flew along the coastline. However, after 200 km of route the races increased their difficulty notably. The further away from the pigeon loft, the hardest the obstacles to flight, as they cross mountainous areas where they face abrupt landscapes, predators and adverse weather. This means that fewer and fewer pigeons arrive at the loft, but more prepared and strong are those that manage to overcome all obstacles.

Although the final release point is 400 km from the pigeon loft, the pigeons will not travel in a straight line, so it is expected that they will travel between 480 and 510 km. A long distance that will cross areas such as the Mulhacén of 3,478 meters high in Sierra Nevada and will test the strength and endurance of all participants.

From the Derby Costa del Sol we invite you to come with us this Saturday 21st of September to the Grand Finale to receive the champions of this tough competition and enjoy the most exciting moments of the OLR surrounded by great pigeon fanciers.

We hope to see you in Malaga, good luck to all!

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