• Race #13: Roquetas de Mar, 170 km

Race #13: Roquetas de Mar, 170 km

Today the pigeons have flown 170 km from Roquetas de Mar. The weather has been a bit bad but the pigeons have shown once again their good physical conditions. Scoring race for ACE Paloma.

These have been the most outstanding data of the race:

- Race #13 - Roquetas de Mar: 170 km

- Pigeons in the basketing: 1260

- Time of release: 8:20 h


300€ to the winner, 200€ second place and 100€ third place!

Check the results in:

Last hours to activate your pigeons: the activation of reserves period ends tomorrow, Tuesday 27th August at 12h. Activate your pigeons and increase your chances of winning!

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