The all-new 5,000 m2 facilities fulfill the highest european standards


The extensive and modern pigeon loft allows to maintain hygiene thanks to a 2.5 meters deep ditch. Moreover, the location is excellent due to the climate conditions and the orientation.

Preventive Care

Prevention is our main philosophy to maintain the health of the pigeons. From the facilities to the cleaning protocols, everything is focused on applying preventive care.


The OLRs with best results 2017 give their pigeons Beyers and Wonder Pigeon.

Where do you send the pigeons?


Polígono 24 - Parcela 129
Camino del Mallorquín
29590 Campanillas, Málaga (España)
NIF: 25726910-F


Sergio Delgado: (+34) 603 28 35 43
Organización Derby: (+34) 966 29 85 12

2.5 meters deep ditch to insure the pigeon`s health.

Access to the pigeon loft through the back door.

Stand-alone pigeon loft to receive new pigeons.

Big ditch for easy cleaning.

Disinfection room for water and food dispensers.

Hotel Posadas de España

C/ Graham Bell, 4, 29590 Málaga
  951 23 30 00