Official Rules 2020

General Information and Rules of the 8th Edition of th Derby International FCI Costa del Sol 2020


    The eighth Derby FCI Costa del Sol International, a pigeon racing event, is being held in 2020. It will take place in Malaga right in the heart of the Costa del Sol, very close to the Malaga International Airport and just a few minutes from the province’s famous beaches. The all-new 5,000 m2 facilities were opened in 2017, The new loft was opened in 2017, meaning participants will enjoy a state-of- the-art pigeon loft that is adapted to the highest requirements of the best international One Loft Races. The capacity at these facilities totals 2,500 pigeons. The team at the Alicante-based company Pets At Home JP S.L., which specializes in the animal sector, guarantees specialist and transparent management, as could be seen by all participants in the previous editions thanks to its professionals in management, IT, marketing and, of course, expertise in pigeon training and care in collaboration with leading brands in feed (Beyers) and accessories (Beyers and Wonder Pigeon). All of the races may be followed online via our website ( and all basketings and races will be made public nearly in real time in an effort to demonstrate the transparency and participate services. All basketings will be open to any pigeon racing fan who wishes to attend. Our One Loft Race is on the World FCI and Spanish Pigeon Racing Ranking. Participation in the OLR implies acceptance of these Rules, which are considered contractually binding. The ofÿcial languages of these rules are Spanish and English. A certiÿed translation to the latter was completed. The OLR organizers are not liable for any errors in translation to other languages in which these Rules are published for informational purposes only. The OLR reserves the right of admission as concerns participants and pigeons as well as to admit the participation and to give the prizes of those fanciers whose license is in force at the moment in which the races of the Derby are developed. All prizes and the percentages of the sale of pigeons at auction will be subject to any legal withholdings in effect at any given time, being the participant in charge of the payment of these taxes and will be delivered according to the term of the FCI rules once the OLR is closed. This edition of the OLR will be considered as closed once all auctions of the pigeons that reach the ÿnal are over. The OLR organizers will not be liable for any theft or accidents that may occur during the programmed events. The OLR reserves the right of admission as concerns participants and pigeons. All prizes and the percentages of the sale of pigeons at auction will be subject to any legal withholdings in effect at any given time and will be delivered according to the term of the FCI rules once the OLR is closed.


    What follows is a description of the registration process for the Derby Costa del Sol sporting event, which consists of a pigeon race under current regulations established by the Spanish Royal Pigeon Racing Federation (RFCE) and in accordance with the release plan attached to these Rules. Simply sending pigeons to the OLR or providing the organization with personal data speciÿcally for registration purposes automatically implies acceptance that the pigeon breeder is participating in this Pigeon Racing sporting event. Each breeder may register as many pigeons as he/she wishes. A team is comprised of 4 pigeons and 3 reserves. The registration fee is €120 per pigeon; in other words, the participant will pay €480 at the time of registration for a team of 4 pigeons. The reserve pigeon is sent for €0. Reserve pigeons must be activated up to 48 hours after the release time for the Motril race (95 km) for a fee of €120 per pigeon. If the decision is made not to activate the reserve, it will be added to an activation list and will be available for any other participant, who must pay €150/pigeon for activation from the list before the basketing at Roquetas de Mar (170 km). Thus, the ÿrst owner will lose his/her right to a prize and this right shall be granted to the participant activating the pigeon. It would also happen for the score for the FCI Ranking: the right to score passes to the participant who activates it, as long as it has the FCI license in force at the time of the races. Registration is open to Spanish and international pigeons, which must be tagged with RFCE rings or ofÿcially approved by the FCI for the year 2019. The rights of the pigeons that have not been activated by their owner or in the period of Free Activation will be 100% of the Derby and the Organization will keep the full amount of the auction of these pigeons, as well as all the prizes in cash it get. Registration is open from 14th June. 30th June is the ÿnal day to pay for registered pigeons. After 30th June, the OLR Organizers will publish the teams for which payment has been received on its ofÿcial website and will report the teams to the FCI for which pigeons have been received without payment. Registration will only be valid through the ofÿcial agents listed on the Derby Costa del Sol website or through the Pets At Home ofÿce through which all competition organization is managed. If the reserve ring numbers is not speciÿed, the Organizers will automatically activate the pigeons in ascending order from the lowest to the highest ring number. There are two ways to pay for registration: with a credit card via the website or by making a bank transfer to the account number indicated on the OLR website. In order for a transfer payment to be considered valid, the ring numbers being activated must be indicated in the concept area. Accredited agents are those exclusively listed at the website ( A participant’s registration will not be valid if the following is not provided: full name, identity document number, valid ring number for each pigeon, deed of ownership to each pigeon, team name, the party responsible for the team and a phone number and email address that may be veriÿed by the OLR Organizers. The Organizers reserve the right to reject any registration if they do not have the participant’s real contact details. The responsible party will make full payment for the registration under the conditions outlined and will be the ÿnal beneÿciary of any prizes awarded during the competition. Any participant may request a certiÿcate of registration from the OLR organizers. The entire registration process is outlined in detail under the registration section at the website and all details under said section at any time shall be considered valid.

    El número de cuenta para realizar las transferencias es:
    IBAN: ES75 2100 8625 1902 0004 8780
    BANCO: La Caixa
    DIRECCIÓN DEL BANCO: C/ Marie Curie, 24 bajo 03203 - Elche (Alicante)
    * Recuerde que es IMPRESCINDIBLE indicar en el concepto el nombre del participante y los números de anilla.


    The pigeons will be received with shipping costs paid by the participant. The mandatory documents to be delivered along with the pigeons are the deed of ownership to each pigeon, proof of payment and all other contact details indicated in section 2 (registration). Once registration is complete, the pigeons will become the property of the OLR organizers.

  • 4. RACES

    The OLR Organizers reserve the right to modify the scheduled events as they deem suitable to foster the correct operation of the competition and the wellbeing of the birds. The race dates and release points where the pigeons will compete can be found in detail in the annex to these Rules or at the OLR website (

  • 5. PRIZES

    The prize will be calculated based on a total of 2,000 active pigeons. The deÿnitive sum of each one of the prizes will be conÿrmed and published at the ofÿcial OLR website days after the closing of the activation period for the reserve pigeons. Non- activated pigeons and those that have been granted a prize at the previous edition are not calculated for prize purposes. The prize will be increased or decreased proportio-nally to the ÿnal number of pigeons registered in accordance with any increase in pigeons or if the number of pigeons previously indicated is not reached. The prize table attached to these Rules shows all the prize categories with the corresponding amounts. The ÿrst prize of the ÿnalist amounts to € 30,000, with the AS Paloma Absoluto awarded € 10,000. The semiÿnal (which will be the ÿnal FCI) and the races of 260, 180, 170 and 140 km are also awarded. The AS Paloma Absoluto prize will be awarded to the pigeon with the best score of the following races: 1 race of 400 km, 1 race of 320 km, 1 race of 260 km, 1 race of 180 km, 1 race of 170 km and 1 race of 140 km. Once the edition of the OLR is closed, the payment deadline will be 20th January 2021. The sums of the prizes published are gross. Therefore, any applicable taxes and withholdings in effect at any time and in each country will be the responsibili-ty of the participant.


    All pigeons that reach the Final will be auctioned in the following way: the Derby Costa del Sol will award half of the ÿnal auction price to the participant. Ten percent will be deducted previously for photography and processing expenses, as indicated in the auction rules published at the website. This rule only applies to pigeons that have been auctioned for € 150 or more. Below this amount, as well as pigeons that have been acquired in free activation by a new participant, the total of the bid will be for the organization of the derby. The sum indicated will obviously only be paid out to the participant following collection of the bid amounts and the organization will pay this sum within a deadline of 30 days after the auction has been paid. This sum will be subject to any legal withholdings in effect at any given time and the state of the participant. This edition of the OLR will be considered as closed once all auctions of the pigeons that reach the ÿnal are over. With respect to pedigrees: at least the pigeon’s four grandparents must be re °ected in order for the document to be considered valid and the document must be in possession of the OLR Organizers before the semi- ÿnal in order for the participant to have a right to the corresponding sum at the pigeon auction. The participant may send us this documentation along with the pigeons or via email at or any of the other habitual channels. If said documents are not delivered, the right to the proportional auction sum described will be lost. The publication of the pigeons up for bid will be repeated only once for pigeons that receive no bids or in cases where the winning bidder does not make payment under the terms stipulated at the WINKIE auction website. If they are not successfully auctioned following a second publication, the OLR organization will nd the means of sale deemed most appropriate, but the participant will lose the percentage corresponding to the pigeon.


    The owner of the pigeons must have them vaccinated and dewormed before sending them. The organizers reserve the right not to accept any pigeons not deemed suitable for the sport. Once sent, the organizers will have ofÿcial OLR veterinarians re-vaccinate the pigeons. The organizers will have the right and obligation to put birds from countries where diseases or viruses such as Salmone-lla, Paramyxoviridae (PMV) or avian °u are present under quarantine.

* Rules valid except errors or omissions.

Official Rules 2020

General Information and Rules of the 8th Edition of th Derby International FCI Costa del Sol 2020

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